Manufacturer’s Instructions

For years, I maintain cell phones with basic capabilities. I only used my cell phones for talking or texting. I was not one for playing games or social networking on my phone. Approximately three years ago, I purchased a new smart phone. I learned of different features that would be beneficial to me. The price was right because it was free.

On the day that my new smart phone arrived, I was excited to harness its power. I tore into the package containing the phone, accessories, and the manufacturer’s instructions. Like a kid in a toy store, I commenced to assemble the phone to charge it. Once fully charged, I begin to explore the features of my phone without referring to the manufacturer’s instructions.

There were some features of the phone that were simply enough to use without instructions. However, there were a couple of features of the phone that I experience great difficulty in executing leading to frustration with the phone. After a couple of hours of unsuccessful attempts to identify how to use these features, I stopped to reference the manufacturer’s instructions.

I searched the manufacture’s manual to learn how to perform the specific feature that I was attempting to execute. After locating the instructions for the feature I struggled to execute for the last two hours, I was able to master within a matter of seconds. I could have saved time and frustration if I would have picked up the manufacture’s manual.

How often do we go through our daily lives frustrated with situations that arise? Our suffering is often prolonged due to our failure to seek first the Kingdom of God. God gave us His Word. His Word acts as the manufacturer’s instructions by giving us guidelines for every area of our lives. Moral of the Story: Caution! Read the Word before operating.


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