Every Day is a Day of Thanksgiving

Most of us are anticipating the feast of Thanksgiving dinner. We have carefully planned our meal by fine tuning recipes, shopping, cleaning, and prepping ingredients. Some may travel for miles eagerly mapping out their destinations as they picture being surrounded by love ones enjoying a bountiful feast. As daunting as the coordination of the celebration may be, it brings a smile to our faces knowing that what every inconvenience that we endure in travel or preparation will be worth it.

Yet, there are those who may not feel so grateful but experience feelings of melancholy. Some dread the family bickering about trivial matters. Others fear the heartburn or indigestion of poorly cooked dishes that for some reason they endure annually. Perhaps, there is a great sense of loss whether of love ones, health, wealth, and material possessions. What about the lonely and/or homeless who have no inviting home of family and friends to embrace them? Why should they feel thankful?

God’s will for us is to rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV) No matter what our current situation may be, we should choose to be thankful always. Traditionally during the Thanksgiving dinner people express why they are thankful in a round robin format. They will “count their blessings” and celebrate accomplishments. God desires for us to maintain the enthusiasm and anticipation that most of us only experience during the holidays every day.

Whether you are enduring the calamities or living life to the fullest make everyday a day of thanksgiving. Be thankful for every small and big blessing. We should be thankful for the trials that make us stronger, draw us closer to God, and build our faith. Be thankful for not just the material possessions but for spiritual growths and gifts. Be thankful every day in every way while always rejoicing and continually praying.


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